2019 Sermons

07/14/2019Thessalonica - The Model Church (Part 2)Pastor Chris TerryLearning From the New Testament Churches
07/07/2019Thessalonica - The Model Church (Part 1)Pastor Chris TerryLearning From the New Testament Churches
06/30/2019Comfort and Warning in Trials and TemptationsJames 1:1-18Tim Klein
06/23/2019A Final Plea to Enjoy Life While You CanEccl. 11:7-12:14Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
06/16/2019No Risk! No Reward!Eccl. 11:1-6Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
06/09/2019The Strength of Wisdom Ruined by a Little FollyEccl. 9:13-10:20Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
06/02/2019Joyful Living Amidst the Reality of DeathEccl. 9:1-12Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
05/26/2019The Immense Value of Godly WisdomEccl. 8:1-17Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
05/19/2019Life's Great PerplexityEccl. 7:15-29Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
05/12/2019A Wise Assessment of LifeEccl. 6:10-7:14Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
05/05/2019Enjoying What God Gives When the World Doesn't (Pt 2)Eccl. 5:10 - 6:9Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
04/28/2019Enjoying What God Gives When the World Doesn't (Pt 1)Eccl. 5:8-20Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
04/21/2019The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ: A Glorious Reality for Our Present NeedsHeb 4:14-16Pastor Chris TerryResurrection Day
04/14/2019The Divine Script on Serving our Worthy SaviorJohn 13:1-17Premend ChoyMissionary Speaker
04/07/2019Glory in DeathPastor Chris Terry
03/31/2019Guarding Our WorshipEccl. 5:1-7Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
03/24/2019Celestin MusekuraEccl. 4:13-16Celestine MusekuraMissionary Speaker
03/17/2019The Folly of FameEccl. 4:13-16Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
03/10/2019The Importance of Friendship in a Fallen WorldEccl. 4:7-16Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
02/24/2019Sad Observations of a Fallen World - Pt 2Eccl. 4:4-6Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
02/17/2019Sad Observations of a Fallen World - Pt 1Eccl. 4:1-3Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
02/10/2019Saved by the ScourgeLuke 8:43-48, Mark 5:25-34Dr. Luther SmithGuest Speaker
02/03/2019Injustice in a Fallen WorldEccl. 3:16-22Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
01/27/2019Why This, Why Me, and Why Now-A Biblical View of the Events of Life-Pt2Eccl. 3:1-15Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
01/20/2019Why This, Why Me, and Why Now-A Biblical View of the Events of Life-Pt1Eccl. 3:1-15Pastor Chris TerryEcclesiastes
01/13/2019 Salvation-our Great Protector Against Spiritual Apathy1 Thess. 5:1-11Pastor Chris TerryTopical