Purpose and Mission

Mission Statement

The purpose of Pioneer Bible Church is to equip believers to think biblically, live godly, and serve practically like Jesus.


In order to fulfill our purpose as a local church, we must faithfully pursue the following goals based on our relationship with God, others in the body of Christ, and a world separated from Him:

  1. We will know, love and serve God personally and corporately by living our lives in such a manner that they reflect a biblical lifestyle and draw attention to Christ’s character. This will be accomplished through the disciplines of:
    • Christ-centered worship
    • Prayer
    • Practical Bible preaching and teaching
  2. We will love one another and seek unity in the Body of Christ by:
    • Encouraging each other to have a growing faith in Christ
    • Identifying and exercising spiritual gifts
    • Training and involving everyone in ministry
    • Strengthening and supporting families
    • Restoring those in spiritual rebellion
    • Lovingly correcting doctrinal error
    • Offering assistance to those in need
    • Promoting genuine fellowship
  3. We will faithfully express God’s love for a world broken by sin through:
    • Seeking to share the good news of forgiveness for sin and salvation in Christ
    • Expressing compassion to those with spiritual, emotional or material needs
    • Standing against evil in society
    • Praying for government authorities
    • Involvement in domestic and foreign missions


In order to more fully achieve our purpose, we envision a future for the church with greater spiritual sensitivity and awareness of God’s holiness and power in our lives. We will work for growth in unity in Christ, greater involvement in evangelism and more shared ministry with every believer using gifts God has provided.

To realize this vision during the 21st century, the following priorities will be pursued:

  • We will strengthen ministries that respond to the needs of children and youth so that they will be equipped as adults to serve the Lord.
  • We will consistently call people to faith in Christ both as individuals and as a church.
  • We will have a greater involvement in domestic and foreign missions through increased giving, short-term service and the encouragement of those within our Body going into career ministry.
  • We will assist both men and women in identifying their God-given roles and ministries and provide training to carry them out.
  • We will equip and encourage parents in the spiritual training of their children.
  • We will strengthen our relationships with one another through greater openness and intimacy.
  • We will provide times of corporate Christ-centered worship that require the personal involvement and participation of each member of the congregation utilizing the elements of singing, prayer, special music, and testimonies.
  • We will encourage and facilitate a maturing relationship with God as individuals.

Pulpit Ministry

We believe the Bible, God’s inerrant revelation, is an authoritative guide for us to live full, meaningful lives. Therefore, the pulpit ministry of Pioneer Bible Church is devoted to the on-going verse-by-verse exposition of God’s Word so that His people will be equipped to order their lives by its principles and precepts.

Worship and Praise

Pioneer Bible Church attempts to employ musical songs, styles, and instruments that are both appropriate and supportive of worship by the broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds, and tastes represented in our diverse congregation. Prayer, missions emphasis, and personal testimonies are included to acknowledge our relationship with and dependence on God in our lives.