Mission Trips

Fiji 2009:  Pastor Harris and other church members went to Fiji in support of the College of Theology and Evangelism, Fiji.  Located in Lautoka, Fiji, CTEF has trained men for the ministry in the South Pacific for over thirty years.  Pastor Harris taught daily for two weeks at the college, while the other men helped build an addition to the Lautoka Bible Church.

Zambia 2013: Pastor Harris and his wife Diane, along with other church members, went to Ndola, Zambia for a week of mission activity at the Wisdom Community School in a poor part of the community.  The trip was part of a continuing mission project led by Ed and Donna Edwards of Living Well ministry and Putnam City Baptist Church.  A bible camp, Camp Wisdom, taught biblical wisdom to 120 children who attend the school.

Zambia 2014:  Alan and Donna Borkenhagen will help with the 2014 Camp Wisdom bible camp for over 140 students of Wisdom Community School in Ndola, Zambia, again led by Ed and Donna Edwards.