Small Groups

The purpose of small group ministry is to stimulate spiritual growth and interpersonal relationships inside and outside the group through in-depth sharing, Bible study, prayer, and evangelism. The following characterize our small group meetings:

  • In-depth sharing: Time will be given for brief testimonies of how God is working in lives, answers to prayer, and people they are trying to reach for Christ.
  • Bible Study: The purpose is to discover what the Bible says, understand what it means, and apply it to daily living. Bible Study will be informal. The leader will give each person the opportunity to share discoveries, insights, and applications of a common lesson all have studied before coming to the meeting.
  • Prayer: Time is to be devoted to prayer for each others needs, prayer for leaders of our country, prayer for our church and its leaders, prayer for friends and neighbors we are seeking to win to Christ. Individual prayers should be brief and conversational. This encourages everyone to pray.
  • Evangelism: Friendship evangelism is to be stressed. Small group members will be encouraged to find ways to help and befriend people so they can earn the right to share Christ and invite them to the small group meeting and church. Members will be encouraged to share each week what is happening in their outreach to non-Christians.

Pioneer Bible Church currently has two active small groups. These groups meet in homes twice each month during the school year. The meetings also offer an opportunity for fellowship and encouragement in our relationships with one another and the Lord. Visitors are welcome to attend small groups and nursery care is provided.